where it is so simple
to create the impossible.

No matter the geography, our brand is unique. It matters the clients and their dreams… and we are open to make them happen.

Atelier Paços de Ferreira & Lisbon

Two cities. North and South of the country. We are close to those who look for a space because they need a professional opinion, because they want to be accompanied in all the phases of the architecture and decoration project, or because they know how they want it and they know who can do it well.

Paços de Ferreira and Lisbon, our studios have the right professionals ready to answer the questions and challenges of all those who seek our services. It is in our “house”, with personalized service, that we listen, advise, materialize and celebrate dreams.

About us

Carla Zuzarte

We exist because we were born with a clear purpose:to make things different and do them well.

With over 25 years of history, our brand Carla Zuzarte has hundreds of projects of residential and corporate decoration, and each of these projects are accompanied from the first moment. After this long experience of 25 years, we felt it made sense to integrate another service in addition to decoration, architecture. In fact, this integration of the interior design value chain has only strengthened our differentiation and our ability to create even more value for our clients.

How did we achieve this?
We achieved it because from our very first day we felt that it’s the people who make the difference. The people who are part of the team. The people who are our partners and suppliers. The people who are the reason for our existence: our customers. When it’s people with purpose who work for the purposes of others, projects become unique. Is it demanding? Very. But it is our ambition.

Carla Zuzarte

Creative & Project Manager

Daring & Inspiring.

Her strong personality, her determination and her passionate way of living made her take risks early on. Her family was a fundamental support, trusting in her potential and believing in her dream.

She acquired her taste for decoration during the nights and weekends when she helped her mother as a florist. She knew what she wanted and her maxim was always dedication and hard work.

Aware of her vocation, she invested in her training and made design and decoration her life.

In her list of achievements, she counts 2 studios (Paços de Ferreira and Lisbon) and several international projects, among them NAMECHEAP (Oporto offices of a technological company based in Los Angeles), Farfetch (offices in Lisbon and Oporto) and Serip (lighting company stand).

Born on the 10th of April 76, she grew up and lived in Paços de Ferreira.

Miguel Zuzarte

Financial Director

He is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the company CARLA ZUZARTE, he is the one who believes, trusts and bets on the talent of a team of creatives. He is responsible for the decisions, transactions and investments that are made by the company. Miguel’s motto is “assume and deliver” and he seeks to be one step ahead in what may be the next project to invest in.

He believed in CARLA ZUZARTE 25 years ago and to this day he is the right and left arm of the CEO, Carla Zuzarte. Siblings, partners, companions, they are proud of what they are and of the place they have conquered in the decoration, architecture and design market. National and international projects are the result.

Miguel was a professional football player, having played for clubs like Paços de Ferreira, Paredes, Rebordosa, among many others. He started playing football at the age of 9 and finished at 35, but the discipline of competition and the ambition of winning did not! In 2009 he invested in the Zuzarte Café, which is without a doubt a reference space in Paços de Ferreira and another statement of the innovative value of the name “Zuzarte”.

ZUZARTE is today a brand that intends to continue growing, assuming it will to be one of those who “are always one step ahead”. ZUZARTE is innovation.

Carla Zuzarte Team

Carla Zuzarte
Founder & Creative Manager

Miguel Zuzarte
Financial Director

Telma Silva

Márcia Dias

Jaime Moreira

Helena Beatriz Silva
Interior Designer

Cristiana Magalhães
Interior Designer

André Melo
Architecture and Design

José Luís
Marketing and Communication

Joana Monteiro
Interior Designer

Mónica Afonso
Interior Designer